Reflections of BeauTEES

Hello Everyone!! My name is April Mason, and I am the CEO of "Reflections of BeauTEES".

Here's a little of my story.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Lupus. If you are not aware, Lupus is a disease that attacks the immune systems ability to function. There were plenty of hard times but also trusting that everything would be OK during the pandemic.

I chose to stay positive and focus on the things that make me happy.

At the beginnning of COVID-19's outbreak, I closed my salon business for the first 2 years due to my health diagnosis. It was at that moment that I believed I can do something positive, and be able to share and inspire others with my Tees!

Reflections of BeauTEES was created and has allowed me to spread joy and happiness in more ways than I ever imagined. By you being a supporter of my business, it means more to me than you know!

Thank you everyone for your continous support! I look forward to creating your order with love!

Happy Shopping! ;)

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Domestic Violence Collection

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